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Picture of a patient having a rider assessment on a horse using computer analysis equipment
Picture of a patient having a rider assessment on a horse

Rider Assessment

Poor posture, alignment and balance are common problems affecting riders in addition to muscle imbalance and inadequate core stability.


As a Chartered Physiotherapist, this enable Manessa to treat both horse and rider holistically, achieving greater outcomes and providing a more rounded approach to assessment and treatmen.

assessing both horse and rider indidivually and then as a unit, As an unbalanced  rider can increase the work load of their horse and an unbalanced horse can effect the position and effort of the rider


As a rider herself with over 20 years experience working with competition and pleasure horses, Manessa understands the restrictions a musculoskeletal condition can have on the progression and ahievments of the rider, which non riding physiotherapists might not fully appreciate.

Riders’ sessions can be mounted or unmounted and will include a thorough assessment, treatment if necessary and a home/ridden exercise programme as required.



Common problems include:

Pain or stiffness during / after riding

Inability to sit to the trot

Excessive upper body movements during canter

Excessive lower limb movement 

unstable seat/position

Unwanted limb or head movement

Tipping to one side

Saddle slippage


Minimal progression with ridden work

Frequent falls 

poor position during ridden or jump work

Your Horse is experiencing back or neck pain


Treatments available include:

Joint mobilisations

Soft tissue work including massage and trigger point release

Core stability exercises

Strengthening and stretching programmes

Thermo or Cryotherapy 

orthopedic or kinesiotaping 

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