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Equine Veterinary Physiotherapy Services

It can be very difficult for animals to communicate whether they are in pain and often their attempts are misinterpreted as bad behaviour. It can also be hard to determined where the site of pain or injury actually is. Some animal can be very stoic and will mask their pain which can make it very difficult to detect.

Chartered Physiotherapists are highly trained and utilise a wide range of techniques, in order to assess and treat your horses, this allows us to successfully locate and treat problem.


Physiotherapy can help you maintain your horses fitness and general wellbeing which will enable them to achieve their best in your chosen discipline.


If your horse exhibits any of the following, they may benefit from the input of a Chartered Physiotherapist


Back/Saddle region soreness

Stiffness on one rein

Behavioural changes/ reluctance to work

Discomfort when being tacked up/ Rugged

Uneven wearing of shoes/ hooves

Age related joint stiffness

Lameness (following Vet assessment)

Soft tissue injuries and wounds to tendons ligaments and muscles

Poor/Underperformance or changes in level of function

Reluctance to engage or to work into a consistent contact

Refusing fences or reluctance to achieve full scope over the jump

Image of Manessa Treating a a horse i with a Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation
Picture of Manessa Performing a scapulae release on a horse
Picture of Manessa treating a horse
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