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Picture of a dog with a face mask on
Picture of a dog walking over poles

Canine Physiotherapy


Dogs can be more relaxed within their own home environment  therefore assessments and treatments Can be conducted at home if required or within your local vet practice


During the physiotherapy session a detailed history will be taken followed by gait analysis and clinical palpation.


Treatment will be provided as necessary and may include:


Soft tissue work – massage, myofascial release

trigger point release

Joint mobilisations

Exercises - stretches, strengthening and proprioception exercises

Electrotherapy - ultrasound, TENS, muscle stimulation and LASER, Microcurrent, PEME, thermo or cryotherapy 

Thermoplastic splinting for orthopedic and neurological issues

Hydrotherapy Treadmill and Pool based sessions

Gait re-education




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