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Canine Veterinary Physiotherapy Services


It is hard for Dogs to communicate whether they are in pain or have sustained an injury and they will often hide pain and discomfort.

Charted Physiotherapists utilise a wide range of assessment techniques in order to assess/treat your dog and locate and treat problem areas. Therefore helping you maintain your dog's health and fitness, whether they are a show, working dog or pet.


If your dog exhibits or suffers from any of the following, they may benefit from the input of a Chartered Physiotherapist


Neurological conditions

Elbow/Hip dysplasia

Age related joint stiffness, decreasing function/ mobility


Spinal stiffness/ Soreness/ Intervertebral disc disease


Rehabilitation following orthopaedic surgery


Trauma/ soft tissue injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments

Weight or inactivity/obesity problems

Uncharacteristic behaviour changes

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