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Picture of a dog having Electro-acupuncture

Veterinary Pain Management and Acupuncture 

The veterinary pain management and acupuncture service is operated by Dr Katie Smithers BVSc PGCert(VPS) CertAVP(VA) MRCVS, who is an RCVS recognised Advanced Practioner in Veterinary Anesthesia. 

Dr. Katie Smithers MRCVS

Dr. Katie Smithers MRCVS is an Advanced Practitioner in Veterinary Anesthesia. This is an official recognition of a veterinary surgeon’s particular knowledge and skills in a designated field of veterinary practice, involving: 

Advanced problem solving skills

  • Advanced and current knowledge and understanding in their area of expertise

  • Advanced professional skills and commitment to the continuing improvement of personal and professional practice

  • Advanced problem solving skills

  • Involvement with their subject community

Anesthesiologists work with patients undergoing surgery as well as those living with acute and chronic pain. We work to identify and localise your pet’s pain, based on physical exam and diagnostic tests. Once we identify the cause, we create an individual muti-modal pain management plan for your pet. Pain management improves the recovery process from surgery, illness, injury, and chronic pain conditions.


Pets with chronic pain, present a particular challenge and often a cure is not possible, the goal is to manage the pet’s pain to ensure good quality of life. Chronic pain management requires ongoing care, and there a variety of medications and therapies available to our patients to best manage their conditions.



Scientific research shows acupuncture can improve recovery rates and increase resistance to disease. It affects the endogenous opioid response and regulation of the autonomic nervous system.

Acupuncture treatment should always follow an accurate diagnosis of the problem and a full appraisal of all treatment options. In many cases acupuncture is best used in conjunction with conventional medicine however, in some situations, it can be used as a sole treatment.


Dr Katie SMithers is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, and is proud to offer acupuncture to our veterinary patients.

Please enquire for further information on specific case management.

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